STOP waiting for friday


We often wait for Friday. For Summer. For Birthday’s. For Christmas.

We are waiting so often that we forget to live in the moment.

Do you realize how many moments pass us by that are life altering, exciting and memorable because we are waiting for Friday?

Why do we even wait for Friday?

Is it because society has deemed Friday to be a ‘good’ day. Why can’t anything great Happen Monday-Thursday?

Have you ever noticed that when you are waiting for something it rarely happens?

Not only does it rarely happen, but think back to the saying “a watched pot never boils” the longer you ‘watch’ or wait for something to happen, the longer it takes for it to happen. Stop waiting for greatness to be achieved, for happiness to take place, to fall in love..

Start living life one day at a time, set goals you can accomplish little by little, day by day, stop focusing on the end but focus on the progress that occurs as each day passes.

When you start living in the now, you will start appreciating life’s small accomplishments. You will start being HAPPY.

I am a true believer that lack of happiness is often associated with looking so far ahead that we miss all of life’s blessing that are right in front of us.

We forget to appreciate ‘the little things’ because we are so focused on the ‘BIG THINGS’. But we must not forget that it is the little things that make up the big things.

It is the small steps we take each day.

That smile from a stranger.

The touch of another human.

The conquering of step 1 of our goal.

The connection with a new place.

Each and every feeling that passes through us, guides us towards happiness.

So STOP WAITING and start living.


to embracing the little things


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