follow your dreams

Such a scary statement.

I cannot even count on my hands the amount of times I did not follow my dreams out of fear.

I would start thinking about all the scary points of “failure” in following my dreams, I would often look back on the past.

Then one day I woke up, and I decided to change my mindset.

I stopped focusing on the past.

I stopped letting fear get in the way.

I allowed the future to drive me.

When I needed to make choices or apply myself in order to go after my dreams, I stopped focusing on the scary points. I did not allow myself to look at the items that may scare me away . I simply jumped in.

It’s not always easy and I still often need to give myself a pep talk.

But, I realized this one day… Not going after my dreams results in a 100% outcome of me not accomplishing them, so going after even just one increases this outcome dramatically.

So what if I do not always get what I want, I am for sure not going to get anything I want by shying away and hiding from the scary leaps. At least if I make the leaps and then I am unsuccessful, I can say I tried.

Over this past year I have learned to follow your dreams and eventually you will start to reach goals. The goals you are not reaching, you will find ways to push yourself closer to them.

So always follow your dreams. Always push yourself futher. And never let fear get in the way.


to taking risks and making progress


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