time doesn’t heal everything..

Despite what we are told, time does not heal everything.

That doesn’t mean this is a negative statement. In fact, for me, this is positive.

Time has not healed the hurt I experienced, but time has taught me to embrace it.

We all encounter traumatic events in our lives. What is traumatic for me, may not be traumatic for you. But, we all face traumatic events, this I am sure of.

We have events that challenge us, make us question our beliefs and morals, make us question our strength. Time may not heal all hurt, but it does make us stronger.

With time, we learn to live through the pain.

With time, we learn how to move forward despite the days we want to so badly give up.

With time, we learn how to grow stronger.

No matter how many minutes, hours, days, years have passed, I have never stopped hurting. But I have learned how to take that pain and create positive energy from it.

I have learned how to take the pain and use it to build up others and push myself to be better despite it.

I have learned to hide the pain, not always, but most days. I have learned to forget about my pain and help others with theirs. I have learned how to turn my pain into strength.

I never realized how strong I was until I had to wake up, live life, and move forward despite the deep desire to stay hidden in my room.

I also never realized how strong I was until I loved others deeply despite my fear of experiencing the heartache from one single day. To be able to love when you know how it feels to have not only your world, but your heart shattered is true strength.

Realizing my strength and being proud of it has been a difficult journey. A difficult journey that I am so proud of how much I have overcome. It has not been an easy journey but it has been amazing and I have realized both my strengths and weaknesses.

True strength can only be realized when we identify our weaknesses.

But, time does not always heal. I still hurt. I still wonder. I still cry.

I will never stop hurting, wondering or crying. But, I will draw from all of this and push forward.

I will push forward and push those around me to move forward as well.

Because time does not always heal but it does build strength.


to being stronger.


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