to trust or not to trust..

I was thinking about trust today. I am not even sure what got me thinking about it, it just kind of popped in my mind.

I was thinking about the whole concept of “trust is earned”. I do believe that certain levels of trust must be earned. For instance I am not going to share every little deep dark secret I hold with a complete stranger. But I think trust in it’s most general form does not necessarily need to be earned.

Waiting for trust to be earned may destroy new relationships, it may cause you to push some pretty wonderful people away.

Trust me, I am not one to easily trust, one may say I have “trust issues”. But this all stems from me constantly questioning myself, which I am doing much less of. With questioning myself less, and trusting myself more, I find that I am more open to trusting those around me.

Which leads me to this.. 

I think we need to trust ourselves first before we can trust others.

I believe in gut feelings, in instinctual feelings, in trusting our own judgements. 

If you have reason to question if you should trust someone then maybe they do not even deserve trust that can be later earned. 

You should be able to trust a person right from the start and in order to do so you need to trust your instincts to whether or not the person deserves that.

As humans, we are going to make mistakes, we are going to be blinded by new love, new promises and beauty, but deep down inside we know if something is telling us to turn around and run away.

Listen to yourself, listen to the doubts, listen to the hopefulness. Until you can trust what your inner self is telling you, how can you truly trust anyone else?

Trusting ourselves might be the most difficult. We are so scared of making mistakes, making the wrong decisions and letting in the wrong people. In order to trust yourself, you must accept that you will make mistakes sometimes, you will not always make the right decision and you will let people in that you never should have. But, this is all a part of life. Life is a learning process. We become stronger and better people because of all these things. 

To bring us back to the beginning, to trust or not to trust? I think this answer lies within our trust of ourselves and in our instincts. 

If your gut is telling you to trust someone, then by all means let them in and see where that takes you. Because although some levels of trust must be earned, all relationships must start with the basics of trust. 


To trusting myself. 


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