a new me

I was sitting quietly on the couch this morning. Just on my own, reading and listening to music.


Needing nothing except my tea, a good book and some quiet acoustic covers playing in the background.

In doing this I began to think, REALLY THINK about the difference in the person I am from a year ago.

A year ago, I would have needed technology going, my next plans in motion, maybe a little chaos. But today I didn’t really need anything. I just needed me.

This is HUGE progress for me. To know that I have found the independence I deeply needed is so empowering.

Don’t get me wrong I like to keep busy, I like having a million and one things to do. I enjoy spending time with people. I enjoy having goals and plans to reach those goals. But I realized today, all I need to obtain those things is myself. I can do all of these things on my own time. The timelines and goals, and plans are all set because of ME. Because I choose to set them.

A year ago I relied on others to guide me, set goals, tell me where I was headed next. Knowing now that I am the one making all these decisions, that I rely on NO ONE to make those choices for me is so revitalizing and I am so PROUD of the direction I am headed, and where I came from.

Having the ability to be calm and relaxed in taking a day to sit back and enjoy the “little things” without worrying about what anyone else thinks I should be doing, without worrying about what I “should” be doing is an amazing feeling.

I’ve never before realized the importance of taking care of ourselves. I’ve never realized that it is so important to be selfish sometimes and create a better you, focus on your physical and mental health. It is important to put YOURSELF first sometimes. That doesn’t mean you stop caring about others, or that you stop making sacrifices (within reason) for the people you care about. But it does mean that you consider yourself sometimes.

Realize that you cannot be happy if you are always sacrificing what is important to you to satisfy those around you. In the end if you are not happy, you cannot give your all for the people you love. If those people love you, they will want to see you making choices that will allow you to live the happiest and fullest life possible.

Ask yourself this, would you want someone else to sacrifice their happiness for you? Would that make you happy? Of course it wouldn’t. So do you really think they want your happiness compromised?

You are important, never forget this.

I am so grateful to be in a place that I am happy and comfortable to sit by myself, with my own thoughts, on my own time to just focus on me. I am so grateful to have grown to a point in my life that I am content in doing this and that I really don’t need anything else in this moment. Only a yummy cup of tea. A good book. And maybe a cozy blanket.

I hope you all find peace in enjoying some relaxing moments, ON YOUR OWN this wintery Saturday, because we all deserve a few moments to ourselves.


a new me.


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