Don’t Stop.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been struggling with what to write. But then I realized I should write about something that I feel passionate about and have been dealing with personally because that will be the most meaningful.

When ever you make a change in your life people will either follow you, disregard it, or judge you. It’s really that simple. I struggled in the beginning of my journey with the judgement, not so much because I cared what they thought, but because I am an awful over-thinker and would question the choices I was making.

Eventually I realized it doesn’t matter what they think. I am making choices that both make me happy and are for my best benefit, so if they do not agree with my choices then who cares, they are MY choices NOT their choices.

I also had to come to terms that often judgement and ridicule come from jealousy. Not necessarily jealousy of me, trust me I’m not conceited enough to think that, but jealousy that I am taking charge of my life and making the choices that make me happy which is not an easy thing for anyone to do.

Knowing this, it is easier to ignore. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt sometimes when I am being judged or treated differently simply because I am trying to be the best me and be the best to EVERYONE around me. But it does mean that I stand tall and I don’t let those people change the way I treat others or change the way I live my life.

Which brings me to a quote I recently came across that resonated deep within me  “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh

As much as I hate to admit, or even acknowledge, there will be people you encounter in your life that will simply tell you, you cannot do something because they do not want to see you succeed. This makes me so sad, because we should always be happy for the success of others. Not only does it make you feel better inside, but it makes those around you feel good as well. And I don’t know about you, but for me, seeing others happy makes me so very happy in return and fills my heart with an immense amount of warmth.

I have recently encountered a few times where this has affected me over the past little while, I am human. There are days I cannot look past it. But, I am letting the negative vibes and words of others affect me less and less with each day, which is a huge step and a step we should all be taking.

So I want to leave you all with these words, DON’T STOP! Simple right? But there is a lot of meaning there. It is easy to stop working hard when others are discouraging you and getting you down. But why would you want to overcome anything easy? All the greatest accomplishments are from hard work, determination and persistence. Not only that but after you have put forth those efforts, the results are worth so much more.

So let the haters hate, and the negative Nancy’s judge you, because they will always be out there. There are tons of  other people that are motivational, inspirational and supportive to help you ignore the negative ones, so remember those people during discouraging times.

I will always support those trying to be their best selves, especially those that support others. So if nothing else, you have me standing behind you cheering you on and encouraging you through every challenge and dream you wish to conquer.

So again, DON’T STOP, push forward and live the life you both want and deserve.


always supportive.




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