the strength behind you

I was recently inspired by a few individuals that opened my mind to what is truly important in life.

Belief in yourself. Have confidence in who you are. Channel the ability to see your strength, and growth.

This not only inspired me to be more confident in myself and proud of who I am, but also how important it is to surround yourself with those who lift you up.

Surround yourself with the people who are proud of you, the people that believe in you, and the people that show you all that you are capable of.

It is sometimes hard to see the greatness in ourselves. We are often our own worse critics. Surrounding ourselves with people who show us our strengths, helps us to see our weaknesses and guide us in becoming the best we can. It can be the difference in how successful we become. It can be the difference in our happiness within.

It may seem trivial, but the people we let in and those we keep out can really change our lives.

I let a few people in recently that I never even thought to. I am sure they do not realize the impact they have made in my life since doing so. The influence they made, and the changes I have made personally in just a few short weeks is all because of one late night and a night without boundaries in discussions.

Take this for what it is – a simple, short post, but meaningful. 

Keep your heart open to those around you. You never know who may influence you, impact your life or guide you to be your best self. 

There are so many beautiful people out there, willing to guide you and assist you through the challenges and speed bumps you hit along the way.
Let them in! Don’t make the same mistakes I did by avoiding people and closing my heart to so many beautiful souls.

We are here to guide and support each other. So while you are helping others, let them help you as well!

Remember strength comes from within, but having support along the way is an amazing and wonderful thing.


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