Always be you.

Recently I have become addicted to personal development. A piece that was missing from my life.

In watching a video tonight for my personal development I was inspired by this thought, “Always be you.” the video was in no way about being you, it was about mentoring but it brought me to this.

I watched Josh Coats video Intentional Mentoring. It focused on intentionally going out there and mentoring people, to be purposeful with your mentoring.

This really had me thinking beyond this.

Recently (just over a week ago), I decided to jump in and start my part-time journey as a Beachbody coach. This was scary for me because I now need to really put myself out there and with this there will be judgment. In fact in this short amount of time I can see and feel the judgment.

Guess what? That is okay. I do not need you to be okay with what I am doing. I do not need your acceptance.

The only thing that is important to me is helping and inspiring people to accomplish their goals, to help others on their journeys. I believe they too will help me become a better person.

This is where the video came into play for me.

Mentoring is such an important part of life.

I intentionally mentor professionally, so now I want to intentionally mentor personally. I want to find people that I can lead to bigger and better things. People I can guide mentally, emotionally, and throughout their journeys to be healthier.

With mentoring I want to show people to always be you. I want to show people that no matter what judgments they may face, what challenges are presented, there will always be people that accept who you are and cheer for your accomplishments.

In order to be truly happy, you must never compromise who you are! There are thousands of people out there that will love you for exactly who you are, so stop stressing about the few that don’t.

You were born into this world as the amazing individual you are. You were meant to be you, that was intentional. Do not compromise your beliefs, everything you love and your dreams for anyone.

I may not always believe in the same things as another person, we may not have the same interests and our dreams may differ, but I will not judge you. I will always support those that are doing all they can to be themselves.

Together we need to be proud of those working hard to be their own person, those who are not conforming to the norm because it’s easy. So let’s make a pact to intentionally mentor each other. To intentionally guide and support each other to “Always Be You”.


Always me


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