Why Not?

If you tell me no one has ever said “Why Not?” to you I won’t believe you.

Do you have dreams, goals, ambitions?

I am sure you do. Maybe you don’t currently have any goals. But, I know you have dreams, we all do.

Those thoughts that come up when you are sitting at your desk on a gloomy winter day, you haven’t seen the sun in days, when you’re feeling worn and dreary, those are your dreams.

Take those dreams and turn them into goals. Because, why not?


I can almost bet that one of the reasons you are yet to go after your goals is because of fear. It is okay to be scared. It is okay to be terrified to take that first leap. But it is not okay to not go after your goals because of fear.

You need to channel that fear and turn it into motivation. Push yourself past your limits. You are worth pushing past your limits, because you deserve the utmost best out of life.

Fear can take over your life. But do you know what is scarier then taking the risks, leaps and bounds it takes to accomplish everything you want out of life? Whats scarier is to live in the shadows and miss out on possibly the best, most amazing experiences available to you.

So again, I ask you Why Not?

Why not travel across the world with only a backpack? Why not take an exciting course on a subject just because? Why not invest in a new endeavor? Why not do everything you always dreamed of?

There is really no good reason for this.

Do not use the excuse of money, or time. If you really want something you will find a way to get it. If it is important to you, you will find the time, you will budget the money, you will make it work.

Now what’s even more important to ask yourself is, “Is it important?”

If it is really important to you, you will get past those “why not’s” and you will jump in. I know you will. Because you are capable of amazing things.

Together lets take the leaps, jump into the unknown and go after our dreams.

Because our lives are precious, and they are worth living to the fullest. Never stop living life to the fullest. Do not regret one second of the life you live, you only get one chance.


To being fearless.


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